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This willingness to present both sides of the issues, combined with his prodigious research on the industry, makes for a book that, though the author clearly has a viewpoint that he wants to get across, also allows readers to make up their own minds, and provides the information necessary to make informed decisions.Though I disagreed with many of Schlosser's arguments, it was really refreshing to find an author who acknowledges competing views.

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Sounds like there are safe and simple solutions to even this most worrisome of issues.

Finally, in the least compelling portion of the book, he argues that fast food is bad because it's making us fat.

Hopefully Americans will return to a time where they don't believe everything they see or hear and learn to think critically.

- Red Dragon - Mar-17-2005, ******************************************************* "Moreover, assuming that you believe in evolution, shouldn't we expect this to be a temporary problem, one that will take care of itself as succeeding generations develop mechanisms which dont store fat? It is painfully obvious that this reviewer knows nothing about evolutionary bioligy.

Until recently, societies rarely enjoyed an overabundance of cheap food.

Okay, so there are some problems associated with an "overabundance of cheap food:" the whole world should face such problems.No one can honestly take issue with his point that the fat content in fast food is ridiculously high, and that the enormity of portions is unnecessary.However, in arguing that fat consumption is a unique problem, he accidentally concedes one of the great achievements of the industry : During thousands of years marked by food scarcity, human beings developed efficient physiological mechanisms to store energy as fat.As he presents it, this information is always fascinating and it is often at least troublesome.The book is well worth reading even if you don't ultimately end up feeling compelled to boycott the Colonel.Similarly, in a section on the unskilled, uneducated migrant workers who are being "exploited" by the meat packers, Schlosser notes that they get something like an hour, whereas the average worker in Mexico and Central America, where many of these employees come from, makes a day.Sure, it would be wonderful if these folks were getting rich working at the undeniably difficult and often dangerous jobs they perform, but, comparatively, they are getting a damn good deal right now.The best point he makes is that : Nobody in the United States is forced to buy fast food.The first step toward meaningful change is by far the easiest: stop buying it.Not to mention that he goes on to note that : Most of the high school students I met liked working at fast food restaurants.To quote the immortal Clara Peller : Where's the beef ?


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