Facts On Homework

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Homework has always been one of the biggest challenges to school and home life, causing family tension, stress and time pressures.

Research from Stanford Graduate School of Education conducted amongst 4,300 students highlighted that over 56 per cent considered homework to be a primary source of stress, whilst others reported increased levels of anxiety, sleep deprivation, exhaustion and weight loss.

These are individual research topics which students investigate over a period of four to six weeks.

Recently students designed, created and built virtual models of their own imaginary planets, following a unit of inquiry that explored the solar system.

After considerable review and debate, ACS Egham has decided to drop ‘traditional’ homework for students aged four to eleven.

The educational debate over the merits of homework has been going on a long time, with different countries taking very different approaches.

If students have struggled with a specific task, parents can notify the teachers, enabling teachers to give more targeted support in these areas.

In Finland, students are generally assigned virtually no homework; they don’t start school until age seven, and the school day is short.

This certainly resonates with our opinions on homework; if a student has been delivered a quality education in the school day, there should be no need to spend hours in the evening carrying out a rigid schedule of homework.

We prepare our nine to eleven year olds for secondary education through ‘I-Inquiry’ projects.


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