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The mind's eye immediately sees a tortoise beating a hare in a race or a little boy who cries wolf to the vexation of his fellow villagers.This collection of fables asks the reader to put those children's stories from his or her mind. Immediately, people began putting money into the tin cup.

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There are stories explaining the physiology of certain animals and the psychological make up of humans. Most of them have a moral attached, while others leave the moral for the reader to decide. These are jokes, one liners, crude stories and sometimes, moral entreaties.

Analogies for motivation, inspiration, learning and training2. Separately it offers an example of lateral thinking, and also an example of double meaning in language.

Ethical decision making - also adaptability, flexibility, accepting what cannot be changed28. Understanding the needs of your people, caring for minorities and individuals, looking deeper than the mainstream29. Assumptions about weaknesses, underestimating people, tactical advantage30. Assumptions, authority, control, the risks of modern communications and technology, privacy, security, identity theft, etc31. Initiative, self-development, making things happen, career advancement, how to get a job requiring experience when you have none32. Make your point and then know when to stop, language, communications, lateral thinking, quick-thinking33. Lateral thinking, making assumptions, dangers of judging people34. Customer services, communications, product design, customer inertia35. Ethics and culture, leadership integrity and styles, decision-making, policy-making36. Human nature, integrity, delegation and training, and advertising is a funny business...37. Gender and sexual discrimination, equality, battle of the sexes debates, after-dinner speaking, etc38. Interviews, preparation, thinking on your feet, communications38.2. "It says," said the stranger, " 'It's a beautiful day. I cannot.' " (My Dad told me this story when I was a teenager in the 1970s.

After a while, when the cup was overflowing, the blind man asked a stranger to tell him what the sign now said.

Following the crowd, confidence trickery, fear of embarrassment, bystanding, courage, scrutiny, questioning, mob rule4. Creativity, quick-thinking, exams and tests, short answers to long questions5. Assumptions, deceitfulness, dishonesty, creative problem-solving, arrogance, delusion6. Assumptions, customer service, helping others, kindness, humanity7. Communications, perceptions, empathy, connecting with people, advertising, marketing, language meaning, intervention, helping others, expertise, equality, discrimination8. Positive thinking, negative thinking, attitude, perspective, mindset9. Racial issues, discrimination, exclusion, inclusion, lateral thinking, different meanings in language and communications10. Context is everything, discipline and admonishment11. " (This short aside can be used to illustrate or draw attention to issues related to racial stereotyping/discrimination.

Perceptions, the devil is in the detail, the nature of big differences12. For remembering the signs of the zodiac, and memory aid example for teaching mnemonics methods13. Tactics, wisdom, planning, youthfulness vs maturity, impulse vs patience14. Planning, preparation, resources, project management15. The barman looks up and says, "Is this some kind of a joke?

Morals, such as "haste makes waste" and "don't cry over spilled milk," do not exist in this world of Aesop.

This collection is an academic look at the folklore creations credited to Aesop.

The wily fox outsmarts men and the tiny cicada outsmarts the fox in his turn.

The gods answer appeals to the lowest forms of life and supply ironic punishments to the higher ones.


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