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The major theme in the tale is foolishness and folly as depicted by the four elderly friends who visit Dr. The foundation of the story is to a certain extent pessimistic one concerning the view of human nature.From the story, we get that, for the better time of people’s lives, they exhibit foolishness and more so they do not learn from their mistakes.The basis of Heidegger’s spine-chilling study contains several things including a bust of Hippocrates that the doctor consults from time to time.

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Economists and social scientists complain that we are at a disadvantage compared with physical and biological scientists because we cannot conduct controlled experiments.

However, the experiments that nature throws up can be every bit as instructive as deliberately contrived experiments.

From the one aspect of the story, the author seems to believe that age is a state of the mind, and one is as young as he, or she thinks.

When Heidegger offers the elderly guests with water from the fountain, he tells the guests that it has the capacity of making them young again.

The story associates foolishness with age and consider the youth phase of life the foolish part.

The fiction characteristic of losing their all possessions makes the four elderly people look foolish and folly.The study of elements of fiction in themes of the tale offers a greater understanding of the story. Heidegger’s Experiment story help in expressing the message of the story to the readers.It is evident that elements of fiction in a story are helpful in conveying the themes and messages of the author to the readers. Heidegger’s experiment is a story that begins with the old doctor requesting four elderly friends over to his somewhat unnatural study. Medbourne, Colonel Killigrew, Widow Wycherly, and Mr. The four elderly friends have lost everything they had in their prime time each of them having squandered their own wealth (money, beauty, youth, and power).In their young years, the three men used to struggle over the concentration of the Widow Wycherly.Most stories contain some elements of fiction and Dr. The story contains elements of fiction under the plot and setting and theme of the story.This study paper seeks to explore the fiction element of themes in the story and explain the meanings behind the themes. Heidegger’s Experiment has several themes and most of them have elements of fiction in the tale.On arrival, the doctor gives the guests four empty champagne glasses and a highly wrought vase full of clear, bubbling liquid.In an effort to prove his prowess in what he does, Heidegger drops a withered rose flower in the vase and shows his guests how it changes to an invigorated to a fresh- blooming flower.Already with this notion, the guests drink the water and automatically deem themselves as young and they once again fight for the widow’s attention.The moral side of the story presents the youth connecting with folly, but, gives no optimism for emancipation in old age either.


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