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You require at least a Bachelor grade point average of 2.5 or better (according to the German grading scale).

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The module is intended to be interdisciplinary and it will include some Paris-based visits, activities and screenings as a necessary means of working across themes, theories and ideas.

It will consider some or all of the following themes, such as: the politics of space, ekphrasis and the other, phenomenological wonder, the legacy of Marx, and Marxist and formalist perspectives on modernism and the visual arts. Reading lists will be published annually Bersani, Leo and Dutoit, Ulysse.

Focusing on Spike Lee's "Do the Right Thing," Oliver Stone's "JFK," and television coverage of the Gulf War, he examines the capacity of visual images to awaken or stifle public debate, collective emotion, and political violence.

An "applied iconology, " this book by one of America's leading theorists of visual representation offers an immensely rich and suggestive account of the interplay between the visible and the readable across the culture, from literature to visualart to the mass media. of Chicago), who is editor of Critical Inquiry, addresses a variety of concerns about the nexus of word and depiction.

Mitchell asked what images are, how they differ from words, and why these questions have been such a source of contention for centuries.

What we have is a variety of disciplines--semiotics, philosophical inquiries into representation, new departures in art history, studies in mass media--that attempt to converge on the problem of pictorial representation and visual culture. Spectres of Marx: The State of the Debt, the Work of Mourning and the New International. However, courses, services and other matters may be subject to change. The German Ideology: Introduction to a Critique of Political Economy. University of Kent makes every effort to ensure that module information is accurate for the relevant academic session and to provide educational services as described.Students choose among Bambara, Hausa, Swahili, or Xhosa, thus providing a foundation for academic and communicative practice. Furthermore, theory, methods, and topical areas of emphasis enable students to investigate current, research-relevant issues relating to the Humanities and Cultural studies in Africa. From CNN to JFK -- Some pictures of representation. The violence of public art : do the right thing ; 13. This book by one of America's leading theorists of visual representation offers a rich account of the interplay between the visible and the readable across culture, from literature to visual art to the mass media.This can be proven by certificates, degrees from an English language-medium tertiary institution, or BA theses written in English. A basic command of German (A 1 level) is also required and can be obtained during the first year of the programme. Poised somewhere between Neil Mac Gregor’s brings together voices generally separated inside and outside the academy.Its open approach to knowledge is commensurate with the work of art, aiming to make clear that the work of art is both meaningful and resistant to meaning.


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