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The statement should make clear the conclusions reached in the thesis.

The statement should make clear the conclusions reached in the thesis.

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As a further means toward the obliteration of individuality, the state has forbidden friendship and romantic love.

The rulers of this society do not permit any individual to think freely; all must subordinate themselves to the state.

"Collectivism," Ayn Rand notes, "means the subjugation of the individual to the group — whether to a race, class or state does not matter." Under such conditions, a person is not regarded as an autonomous individual with a life of his or her own, but as a fragment of a group whose sole purpose is to serve its needs.

The rulers of Equality 7-2521's society seek to discourage even the realization of individuality; they attempt to inculcate an "ant colony" mentality in which human beings emulate the self-sacrificial existence of insects serving the overall good of the whole.

The authorities wish to expunge from human nature all thoughts of individuality and, as a consequence, all elements of a personal life in action.


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