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The most common areas that arise when dealing with manpower planning are, how many employees the business currently has, age profile by department, where employees are found, largest departments in the organization, employee skills, annual number of employees that leave and which areas loose more employees.These areas are vitally important for the overall success of the organization.

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These rises in cost involved both training and wages.

Because of this it was decided the company would be better off if it arranged it’s manpower resources more effectively saving both on company expenses and time.

Usually policies will be implemented so that they are related to each other so that employees in different departments will be able to assist each other when required.

Finally, utilization deals with the realization of organizational objectives.

For example if a large number of people left the same department at the same time because they all retired this would show that poor manpower planning had been implemented.

The manpower planning process can be broken down into four main phases.[1]The first stage Investigating deals with the current manpower within the organization.From this planning should begin to ensure that the company will have adequate manpower within the different areas of the organization through the use of the processes described above.Like manpower planning, human resource planning came about to deal with the management of employees within the business.As mentioned previously, manpower planning is mainly concerned with forecasting, supply and demand, and matching manpower resources to different areas of the organization.Although manpower planning differs from human resource planning, some of the techniques have been carried over to help build upon HRP within organizations.The current and future employment needs are a great concern and the examination of supply within the local area for possible new employees if required.Manpower Planning came about when the cost of employment had rose to a height of concern within the management area.It looks at the future requirements of the organization and how many employees will be required within different departments of the business.It also looks at supply that is the provision of manpower, how this is supplied adequately throughout the business.The differences between manpower planning and human resource planning will be outlined within this essay along with how human resource planning has built on and developed traditional manpower planning.The main sources of information to compile this assignment have come mostly from Coleraine and Jordanstown University of Ulster Libraries and the books used and referred to have been listed in the references and bibliography section of this essay.


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