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Using Center for Medicare and Medicaid Services(CMS) hospital cost report data from 1996 to 2015, I estimate a 4-6 percent increase in the probability of non-profit conversion into for-profit hospitals due to the enactment of CRR.

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It also increases efficiency in medical spending by inducing the use of preventative care and reducing the probability of hospitalization.

In terms of health outcomes, insurance coverage has a significant impact on subjective self-ratings in health and happiness.

This chapter builds a panel data model with endogenous treatment, which incorporates unobserved individual heterogeneity non-additively into the outcome.

The model is estimated in the context of a semiparametric setting.

I exploit the variation in tax policy across states and over time to identify the effect of tax subsidy on the ownership choice of hospitals.

I further differentiate behavior between nonprofit versus for-profit hospitals, including cost, provision of undercompensated care as well as quality.I first propose a two-stage semiparametric least square (SLS) method to consistently estimate the model parameters and then conduct a localized 2SLS procedure to recover the quantile treatment effect.Identification, consistency, and root-N asymptotic normality of estimators for parameters and marginal effects are proved.In the third chapter, another form of subsidy in health care markets is studied.This chapter focuses on assessing the effect of government subsidies on the supply side of the health care market in the U. An important form of government subsidies to health care providers is the tax exemption for non-profit organizations.This dissertation focuses on examining the impact of public spending in health insurance and health care markets.Health care subsidies account for a fast-growing share of public expenditures in many developed and developing countries, making them an ever more important component of fiscal policy discussions.S to estimate the impact of government subsidies on ownership choice, provision of public services and the quality of hospitals.The first chapter of the dissertation mainly assesses the effect of public health insurance on program beneficiaries' welfare, by evaluating a new national public medical insurance program in China, Urban Resident Basic Insurance (URBMI).Adult males and individuals with incomes below the median level do not respond significantly to insurance coverage.The findings of heterogeneous insurance effects have important policy implications for the cost-effectiveness of URBMI across population groups, suggesting the need for differentiated insurance programs.


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