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On the other hand, the independent immigrants are those that are accepted as residence of the country on the basis of the immigration acts and regulatory factors such as age of the person intending to be considered a citizen, his or her health status, labor and skills possessed among other things.

Refugees’ immigrants are those who migrate into the country in such of serene environment to settle.

In addition, the British soldiers wanted to counter the speaking of French which had widely influenced a good fraction of Quebec region.

Peace existence in Canada also propelled people from war prone zones to migrate.

Statistics carried out in 2001 showed that Canada as a country accommodated a total of 34 ethnic groups.

Questions hereby arise as to why many people choose to migrate to Canada. Historically, migration into Canada occurred in four major peaks.This was solemnly as a result of the emergence of world war one which claimed many lives and led to massive destruction of property.The lucky few who survived the world war had no option but migrate to regions which were less affected by the war disaster.Statistics shows that the total number of immigrants in 2008 only was 247,243.From the mentioned number, 65567 were from the family class, 21860 were the refugee immigrants and the remaining lot was from the independent immigrant whose solemn purpose was to engage in economic activities within the country.There was however a small number of American investors and British military persons settled in the region. The second wave of migration was as a result of British being encouraged to settle in the fertile regions of Canada.Majority of the immigrants were from Britain and Ireland.Below is a graph showing the trend of Canada’s immigration since 1850 to 2002 People tend to ask themselves why migrate to Canada?Researchers have tried to such questions and some of the reasons they come up with involves political stability, serene business environment, and good educational facilities among others.The immigrants can be said to have migrated to the country willingly after the impact of the 1812 war.British army are said to have migrated to the region so as to counter the massive American invasion that were against their dominance in the region.


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