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We are now accepting submissions, on a rolling basis, and look forward to hearing from new and established writers who possess original voices.

Gay will offer some of the most interesting and thoughtful cultural criticism to be found on the Web.

The Review remains committed to commenting on the temper of the times in prose and story while the balance between literary and social matters continues to evolve.

is a unique literary magazine featuring short stories, essays, and poems that examine human existence through the prism of health and healing, illness and disease.

The Point, Notre Dame Magazine, Transition, and Prism received a lot of attention, and they’re also ones that are not likely to be on your radar, so pay attention: they’re publishing good stuff, and being recognized for it.

Don’t be too overwhelmed by the numerical place of each of these journals: the number doesn’t necessarily denote quality, it just means that the leaders in the industry (as represented by the guest editors of Best American Essays) have consistently labeled essays from that journal as being top notch. What is fantastic for the journal editor might not be an interesting read for you, and might also not be a good fit for the type of nonfiction you’ve written.

Gay is a new publication partnership between Roxane Gay and Medium.

Laura June Topolsky is the Deputy Editor and Kaitlyn Adams serves as Managing Editor.

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Welcome IMIESA, which focuses on infrastructure development for engineers, Water & Sanitation, in-depth coverage of our precious water resource, Transport World Africa - the latest in transport and logistics, Resource, dedicated to integrated resource management and MEETINGS, your conference guide.


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