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You can take it as being weak and needing to following omething because you are unsure or being strong because you are testing your limits by putting all this effort into something you know has meaning but yet nothing is physically in front of you. It gives such great hope that not everyone is a monster, that if there is a terrible event good shall come and it brings people together as one.

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The conceptual ideas of Iman state that you must willingly admit to there being solely one creator of the world and he deserves all your praise and willingness and commitment to the belief that in fact God does exist.

This word that gives people so much ope and strength has a variety of sense. When you meet someone you have faith they are going to be a good person and not bring about any wrong until they prove you wrong.

If a person doesn't have faith that they will make it through whatever situation their facing, it could be the death of them. Prayer is the expression of man's dependence upon God for all things.

Is prayer worth anything if an individual doesn't have the faith that the prayer will make it through the ceiling?

The fundamental idea in Scripture is steadfastness, faithfulness.

Faith intertwines with many different aspects of life.

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This small word is bigger than itself and has brought large numbers of people together even with all their differences.

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