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For integrating a short analysis in that capacity, understanding the role of the organization in the contemporary era, especially when it matter to sustainable business management is very critical, which is as follows.

From an economic point of view, sustainable business plans comes with a package of many opportunities and benefits for corporations in the global who endeavor for the same.

Taking the ‘Going Green’ phrase and its concepts in the discussion of this report, we come to the conclusion that there are no short resources and discussion topic when it matter to analyze the bigger picture related to green projects in the corporate world, and not to forget the globalised environment of the contemporary world and its economies at large.

Taking a short and quick views of the ‘going green’ phrase, we further come to the conclusion in parts and fragments that the eco-friendly projects and the trends related to the same appear to have taken over the imagination of any conscious individual and corporate honchos.

What concern with the said global summit can be attest to the concern it attached itself with, especially in a domain where a heightened debate on global warming and environmental crisis, which concern with the core of the going green concepts.

Article related to Global warming written by “Andrew Winston, an environment strategist also details a close analysis of the recent development that shoot up from the Copenhagen meet.

That is to say, why, how, what, when and where do the going green and its concepts make sense in the contemporary era?

Thus, taking into account the abovementioned summary, the following paragraph should answer the question which attests itself to the core of the ‘subject matter’ discussion.


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