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In other words, people are motivated to seek pleasure and avoid pain. are the pleasures that people are actively motivated to seek.Similarly, money, a feeling of accomplishment, winning and success are some of the lesser but still rewarding pleasures.Often low self- esteem stems from feelings of guilt.

Such people spend inordinate amounts of time making sure that there is no room for criticism. It would be a nice idea to set up checkpoints so one does not find himself in a vacuum.

All people have their own abilities and limitations.

Part of the fear is that if you do well this time, you will have to top yourself next time too.

This need for perfection is often a reflection of self-esteem problem.

While some things do need to be perfect, if you are 80 per cent, you are already ahead in the game.

It should not be forgotten that there is something called average because that is what the majority of the people can do.The improved self-confidence would enable you to be more assertive and may result in increasing amounts of initiatives from your side.On the other hand, if you fail in physical endurance, it would teach you one of the most beneficial lessons.To become more self-esteeming, think more highly of yourself and start owning, appreciating, accepting, and becoming more comfortable with yourself.With an increase in self-esteem, less and less situations will seem to be fraught with peril.People with a low sense of self-esteem look to the work they produce as a constant measurement of their inherent worth.They fear failure because it would strike at the very core of their value as a person. It allows them to preserve an illusion of brilliance without ever having the illusion destroyed by reality.Punishment is a negative motivator and people perform at a level just sufficient to avoid punishment.On the other hand, praise and recognition are positive motivators.Fear of success is another reason for procrastination.Such people only consider the additional responsibility that success may bring.


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