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The roots of giant redwood trees, for example, grow together under the ground. This means that they are much stronger when there are heavy winds or floods.Trees that are grown in city conditions do not live as long as trees that grow in a natural environment, maybe because they are more isolated.Spiritual and religious teachers for many years have been telling their students to learn from trees, to notice their stillness and strength and try to imitate it.

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Trees are also the oldest living organisms on earth.

They are a direct link with thousands of years of history.

Sri Maha Bodhi is a banyan tree growing in Sri Lanka.

It is the oldest tree in the world that has a recorded history – of more than 23 centuries.

The oldest living organism on earth is a bristlecone pine tree which grows in the USA.

It is about 4,700 years old – which means that it was growing when the Egyptians built the Pyramids.

When I was a child I read a science fiction story that made me think about trees in a new way.

In the story, visitors from an advanced civilisation come to our planet and their spaceship lands in the middle of a forest.

We know that it was living 160 million years ago when dinosaurs ruled the earth. But gingko fossils disappeared about seven million years ago.

Scientists thought that it was extinct until it was discovered in Japan in 1691.


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