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Capuzzi and Stauffer further note that various programs for marriages explores difficulties resulted to by financial management, marriage expectations, communication, career goals and other psychological and sociological characteristics of a marriage.

Hence, the church will encourage these couples to accomplish these goals there should be an effective fashion of various programs that are enlisted to help experienced couples to create time and room to encourage younger men and women to marry.

Sexual infidelity goes against and does not renew at least implicitly the marriage covenant morally evil. A man and woman marry when they publicly promise to love each other without holding as long as they both live.

Ideally, the term love creates great emotions that mean caring love and fidelity even under the most trying circumstances, for better and for worse.

Ideally, marriage as a union and family provides a foundation for human society and creates a convenient way for spreading the Gospel of evangelizing the world.

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Reflectively, the grounding of a resourceful sacramental matrimony starts early in the life.

Children mature and they provide a catechesis concerning the nature of marriage where the secrecy of human sexuality, the innate worth of human lives and the preparation of virtue. Paul converse about matrimony and celibacy is explored produces a tandem that suggests that the asset of chastity in the context in which both states of life are best understood.

The general family-oriented grounding flourishes with an impression of fidelity to the life of Christ and His instruct in which appeal and religious forfeit are innermost.

Discuss the Church’s teachings of the gift of life within a marriage (countering society’s contraceptive mentality and acceptance of the practice of homosexuality).

Be sure to include a discussion of the sacramentality of the communion of persons and the sign value of marriage.


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