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3) Second argument: Humans are increasingly using vampires to express the evil doings in the society.The vampires are considered evil and used to represent the evil person in the society.In the twentieth century, vampire myths have dominated several aspects of the human culture.

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Another reason why the culture of supernatural is more popular in the contemporary society is the change in how people relate toward religion and spirituality.

This has resulted in the changes in the concept of vampire.

Grendel, Grendel’s mother and the dragon are three embodiments of supernatural powers. “Then a powerful demon, a prowler through the dark, nursed a hard grievance. The clear song of a skilled poet telling with mastery of man’s beginnings, how the Almighty had made the earth …. He set the sun and moon to be earth’s lamplight, lanterns for men….” (Beowulf, ll. Vampire Mike could feel his heart thump inside his chest as he walked gingerly towards the gym along with his buddy Rob.

Winter seemed to arrive early, as a thick shroud of fog engulfed the campus, on this last day of October. A breeze swept across their faces and Mike held his breath as a pungent odor permeated the air:......

Additionally, the paper will examine if vampire legends fill psychological and spiritual void that has been created by advances in science and technology.

Some people such as Del Toro and Hogan (Web) argue that the vampire legends fill psychological and spiritual void that have been created by advances in science and technology.This paper will discuss how the society has ingrained the fear of vampires in its activities and how such fears are associated with the supernatural and superstition.Also considered is the effect of these fears on perception about ‘liminal states of existence’ (living on the margins).The concept of the existence of vampires was.....their after-life.These people include, but may not be limited to: outcasts, people who died as a result of suicide, criminals, and any other type of person that is considered to immensely evil in his acts.This is true since with advancement in technology, the religious mythologies have lost credibility. Just as people in the past tried to escape from reality by engaging in religious narratives, the contemporary society makes use of fiction to display supernaturalism.Use of vampire is thus a new technology-based approach to religious narratives.As the society becomes more technologically advanced and secularized, there has been a void in spiritual and psychological life, which artists are attempting to fill using vampires to represent supernaturalism and evil.Additionally, human are attempting to cope with life by avoiding reality.The vampires are unrealistic and used to explore the life after death.Humans with paranormal religious beliefs are believed to cope better with problems they cannot understand (Del Toro and Hogan Web).


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