Essay On Science A Blessing Or A Curse

Essay On Science A Blessing Or A Curse-2
Germs are deliberately released into the air to spread diseases.Anthrax envelopes are used for spreading terrorism. Establishment and expansion of factories has resulted in all-round pollution.

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Science is a great help in the agricultural field too.

The food production levels and quality have improved immensely due to multiple factors.

Lots of people spend their time in chat rooms for obscene discussion. To save ourse4lves and the world as a whole from destruction, we should follow the right way to use the gifts of science so that it appears as a blessing and not as a curse. Though the blessings of science are countless yet the question is raised whether it is a blessing or a curse. Our houses are lighted, cooled, and heated using electrical gadgets.

As every coin has two sides, science also has two sides. As a servant, it makes life comfortable, easy, luxurious and more meaningful. It can reduce the whole world into a rubble and debris in no time. The only limitations, which knowledge knows of, are those imposed by the human intellect and reason. To begin with, modern inventions have opened a new era for the people of this universe. In addition, today, we are enjoying a lot of facilities due to the good effects of science.

Cyber crime is the latest addition to the list of various crimes.

The misapplication of science has brought mankind to the brink of destruction.Everything in the universe has its uses and abuses. Science has revolutionized human existence and has made it happier and more comfortable. Agriculture, business, transport, communication and medicine to name a few are all highly indebted to the wonders of science. Not only material progress but also the mental outlook of man has been influenced by it.Science has also provided us with many means of education and entertainment. have enabled the human race to enrich its knowledge about almost everything in this world.Information technology and computers have also revolutionized our lifestyles.The negative effects of the excessive use of fertilizers and pesticides, used to increase yield, are now evident. Motor vehicles emit a lot of poisonous material into the atmosphere.This has led to the depletion of the ozone layer and global warming.Biotechnology is a great boon for fighting the diseases.But along with medicines, lethal biological weapons have also been developed.The discovery and development of a large number of powerful energy sources – coal, petroleum, natural gas, electricity etc.– have enabled humanity to conquer the barriers of nature.


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