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It has such a dreadful history." Nevertheless, poetry particularly that which is written with such subtlety, is capable of inspiring different authors in different ways.Frost's observations on the conservative aspects of human relations and the willingness of the speaker to goad his neighbor to think another way inspired me to include references to "Mending Wall" in my journal essay.I should comment that at least one person who read my journal said they would now go and read this poem.

There are many reasons why Mending Wall is so loved by many.

Shmoop easily explains to us the poems value in terms of its position in the modernistic movement and Frosts contribution to the literary world. alp PDCjr12 - That's true, but a fence doesn't discriminate between who it lets in and out.

John D - My comment is more about how Frost, through this poem in particular, has influenced my own worldview.

If it is the consensus of the ORT that it should be removed I will do so voluntarily.

Some of the poetic techniques used by Robert Frost to convey his message are metaphor, alliteration, symbolism, imagery etc.

On the surface of the poem “Stopping by Woods on a Snowy Evening” it’s talking about a man travelling through snowy woods with his horse and they stop near someone’s house.

The surface meaning tells us what the poem is simply about.

The deeper meaning shows Frost’s profound feelings through which he is conveying his message to the world.

"Mending Wall" is clearly one of Frost's many wry, social commentaries on human relationships.

Nor did I mean to imply that he was overtly (or even privately) Christian.


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