Essay On Learning From Mistakes

When we acknowledge a mistake without drama, without excuses, and without shaming ourselves we can move on to the important tasks correcting the mistake and finding ways to prevent it from happening again and that is the biggest lesson that can be learned from making a mistake.

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I only could respond in my mind: “How funny, here we have two people who cannot in principle understand each other”.

The realization of this killed in me all desire to engage into mutual accusations, and made me feel fully implicated in this unpleasant situation.

Unfortunately, for many people, it takes a few repeats of the same mistake to learn the lesson.

You can only learn from the problems if you recognize the fact that you messed up.

We often learn more by being wrong for the right reasons than by being right for the wrong reasons.

Learning lesson from mistake making can lead everyone directly into not repeating that same mistake. “The greatest mistake you can make in life is to be continually fearing you will make one. Wisdom is the knowledge you can gain from making mistakes.Good judgment on learning from your mistake will allow you to not repeat the same mishap more than once.It is believed that we learn more from making mistakes rather than from our successful actions because we’re only human.Learning from our mistakes lets us know what we did wrong so we can fix it.Well, this is exactly what I have tried to do, and while I think that ordering of human emotions may dissolve the essence of human experience, I believe that it is necessary to turn our experiences into words that represent them as close as possible, so that we and others could relive them upon reading."Care2 provides tools for people to become change-makers, to go from caring about something in this world to doing something about it.Now that time has passed, I of course remember well the emotional turmoil that accompanied me after our break-up.But while being perhaps less naive now, I am no longer too pessimistic.Care2 helps me spread the message to my fans that we actually do have the power to shape society.Throughout life we all experience things in our lives that shape us and identify who we are.


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