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and Google only pick up about 1% of the information available on the Internet.

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Internet websites and search engines were heavily used by the student for all his analysis.

According to experts typical search engines like Yahoo!

As I had experienced at my high school, there have been countless reports of other students throughout the nation complaining to their parents about the lack of attention they are receiving in the classroom.

Resulting from budget cuts, numerous teaching positions have been eliminated Manu Mathew Ms.

After careful research and analysis, three colleges have been short-listed first, from which eventually the student chose UGA as his first preference.

Several critical information that the student gathered during the course of his research is documented in this article.It is on the correct track to improving our education.I fully support it and set this as my goal for a solution to people not being able to see how important computer technology is to education.The in-state tuition fees are much lower compared to other colleges in GA, which is pretty good news.The other good thing of going to this college is that there are lot of financial aid opportunities and scholarships available, to assist me. continues to get more and more expensive it becomes apparent that the current model of traditional college educate is unsustainable for the next generation.He further details how he is going to pursue his dream profession, and more specifically which university he wants to go to pursue the field of study that he wants to undertake.It was one of the most challenging tasks the student to pick a university as there were numerous choices out there.The average did well in life even without any college education.The importance of college education now has increased to a point where it has become the necessary admission ticket to good jobs and a middle-class lifestyle.But if we consider how a personal computer (PC) could transform our society, business, and way of living in general, since the first of its kind was invented in 1975, we may just imagine how a PC can impact our educational system in the future (Evens 37).In such a short period of time, only 34 years, personal on building, lighting, and administration costs.


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