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This type of link on the food chain is referred to as a producer.The first animal to eat the producer is referred to as the primary consumer.

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In this chain, the dead animals and dead plants and fallen leaves are consumed by detrivores and their predators.

Examples (i) Dead plants Soil mites – Insects - Protozoa – Rotifiers I. When primary consumers eat the producers, the energy also moves up the trophic level. When primary consumers eat the producers, they receive only 1000 units, rest 9000 units are lost as heat.

Food Chain is a feeding hierarchy in which organisms in an ecosystem are grouped into nutritional (trophic) levels and are shown in a succession to represent the flow of food energy and the feeding relationship between them.

The directional flow of food energy from one organism to another is graphically represented by arrows.

All living things need to feed to get energy to grow, move and reproduce. Smaller insects feed on green plants, and bigger animals feed on smaller ones and so on. A food web is a network of many food chains and is more complex.

This feeding relationship in an ecosystem is called a food chain. See the food web illustration below—you can pick out a basic food chain from the web: Energy is transferred along food chains from one level to the next.Secondly, the ecosystem is essential to human life, providing us with countless and extremely valuable services.Human beings rely on a host of invisible services that ecosystems provide.Flow of energy in an ecosystem takes place through the food chain. The main source of energy for most ecosystems is the sun. During this transfer about 90% of the energy is lost as unusable heat to the environment. We have an upright pyramid of energy flow as we move up the trophic levels, the amount of useable energy available at each stage declines. The ecological pyramid is the graphical representation of the organism’s position in the food chain. Similarly, the secondary and tertiary consumers gets only 100 and 10 unit.The base of the pyramid consists of the food producer level and the successive levels make the tiers with the top carnivore or tertiary consumers forming the apex. The size of each compartment in ecological pyramid represents the amount of organisms (or item) in each trophic level of a food chain. The loss at each stage is simply released as heat into the environment. The flow of energy through the various components of the ecosystem is unidirectional and continuous.Food chain is just a sequence of organisms, in which each is food for the next.Food chains overlap, because most consumers feed on multiple species and in turn, are fed upon by multiple other species.An example of a simple food chain would be: A plant grows using the sun's energy and nutrients from the soil. Examples of omnivores (plant and animal eaters) are bears (which eat fish, insects, honey, moose, and grass), turtles (which eat crayfish, earthworms, lettuce, and algae), squirrels (which eat seeds, fruit, eggs, and insects), and monkeys (which eat fruit, leaves, and frogs).Decomposers, which feed on dead animals, break down the organic compounds into simple nutrients that are returned to the soil.A food chain is a chain that shows the relationship between species based upon their feeding.A food chain often begins with a plant because it is able to make its own food.


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