Essay On Discipline For Class 2

Consequently, we shall be ruined, A nation can not rise if people do not understand the value of discipline. Thus, we find that discipline is necessary for every walk of life. Those who try to bring us under discipline are our friends. This obedience to rules and regulations is called discipline.If there is no discipline in the schools, colleges, universities, we can not learn our lessons well. Those who allow us to do what we like are our enemies. Learning Discipline: Someone must learn discipline from his early life.

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If there is no discipline in nature, the world will destroy. Various organs of the body co-operate with one another. If a student does not lead his life in a disciplined way, he will surely fail in life.

The nation cannot expect any better thing from him. Discipline is very important in every walk of life. A school, college or university cannot go a single day without discipline. On the other hand, without discipline, a nation goes towards destruction.

This learning to obey the authority will enable them to learn the rules of discipline in their future places of work.

Importance: Discipline is necessary for every walk of life.

All creations human or non-human-have to maintain some rules and regulations to match with the entire system with which they interact.

If they did not maintain those rules, there would be in the system they belong to.

Likewise, every member of the animal world strictly obeys the rules that it is supposed to obey to be in harmony with the system it interacts with.

From these and various other unmentioned examples, we can easily conclude that discipline is imposed on us by nature herself.


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