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, the future is not made from shiny new parts, but cobbled together from the rusting hulls of infinite former presents.

And so, fittingly, in 2017, the future that seems to us the most true, the most representative of our collective mood, seems to be the one we find in the world of , must be the worlds we secretly believe we inhabit.

Times when smoking has become anathema, and a universal symbol of dissipation, perhaps it is an echo, or reminder of the poisonous exhalations of a capitalist society, and how this may well be a voluntary act which is undoubtedly bad for you.

Science fiction movies do so well because they are dealing with the unknown and Scott uses this to explore possible outcomes of Japanese world domination.

It is all dark and dingy with a suggestive Gothic feeling due to the ideas we have of dark alleys, sinister rooms and smoke.

The smoke is a richly suggestive idea of Scott s, with everyone in the movie smoking, this perhaps issues ideas which co-relate to the anti smoking campaigns which became popular around the beginning of the 80 s.

Yet, even if these worlds might seem hopeless, there are still heroes there, fighting against the stacked deck, and against their better judgment, for some sense of right and wrong.

Which isn't much, but it's something, and if that's the case, then maybe there's hope for us, yet.

This would complement the ideas that western people previously had imagining if the Japanese took over the world.

These racial conclusions are apparent at the time of making the film, and would of been deliberately placed by Scott.


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