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“Over the next 30 years oil demand is expected to grow by 60%” (Dooly, Fitzpatrick, & Lewis, 2007, p.657).

“Over the next 30 years oil demand is expected to grow by 60%” (Dooly, Fitzpatrick, & Lewis, 2007, p.657).

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Hybrid vehicles could help reduce emissions, and reduce dependence on foreign oil thus taking society out of crude oil chokehold.

Hybrid vehicles, when one thinks of them many things may come to mind, things such as small, ugly, not “cool,” but one needs to look beyond the exterior and what the benefits are.

“With the introduction of modern passenger cars and vastly increased demand for power, the twentieth century saw rapid increases in the use of fossil fuels” (Dooly, Fitzpatrick, & Lewis, 2007, p.657).

This may not surprise many people, as it is widely known that sport utility vehicles (SUV’s) have been the option to fulfill societies need for power.

Hybrid vehicles could possibly be one of the most important elements to the future habitation of this planet. Resources that are everyday occurrences for society such as oil, coal, and many other resources that are being depleted, and need to be replaced with other viable solutions for energy.

Energy sources such as wind fields, solar panels, and many other new option are growing more and more important each day.

To reverse this deepening rut that has been dug, it will take a combined effort of nations to make a difference.

One might ask why the word adventurous is used to describe reversing this cycle of pollution.

To give an example on how far things have gone in the wrong direction in the mode of travel and vehicle use is best summed up by Briggs, Hoogh, Morris, and Gulliver (2008, p.12) “nationally the trips made on foot has declined by more than 20% since the early 1990s” this is a good example how the vehicle use has grown by a great margin in the past ten years.

When there is a decrease in trips made on foot, bicycle, or even subway or train, there has to be an increase somewhere in travel.


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