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Your agreement or disagreement will be your thesis statement.) 2. As you look at the world in which you live do you personally see whether or not people’s actions lead to good or bad results; does living in the mean lead to a balanced life; do people really work or aim toward a best good of happiness; can we really lead a virtuous life?Your paper will need to summarize the main points in the text and discuss and analyze them in relationship to Aristotle’s theory regarding ethics and happiness. Your paper will need to use a real-life example to support your thesis. The conclusion in your paper will need to reemphasize the thesis of your paper and also present a final thoughtful reflective analysis of your thesis/argument. A clearly defined thesis statement that presents the argument for your entire paper. Specific and clear examples from the text and real life that supports your thesis. A development of the thesis throughout the body of the paper and the conclusion. MLA format: Times Roman 12; 1 inch Margins; Double Spaced Lines; Proper textual parenthetical citations. Accurate spelling (Do not simply rely on “Spell Check” or “Grammar Check! I think the problems my sources discuss are the products of contrived readings; all of those sources recognized this fact, and cleared up the confusions accordingly.

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The current piece is a rough attempt at a coherent view of Aristotle's concept of eudaimonia, sometimes translated as "happiness".

It is almost casually styled, as if in conversation with the professor.

In defending the unity and coherence of the Ethics, Lear argues that, in Aristotle's view, we may act for the sake of an end not just by instrumentally bringing it about but also by approximating it.

She then argues that, for Aristotle, the excellent rational activity of moral virtue is an approximation of theoretical contemplation.

How are they related to the other states of character? In an analytical essay, examine the nature of wisdom as a virtue: its ends and objects, its purpose, and its position as an excellence or perfection as an intellectual virtue.

What do they demonstrate about the nature of virtuous action and human desires?

Argument Paper 1450-1600 Words Note: I will be using Vericite for this assignment. Please analyze Aristotle’s main points of his argument for his ethical theory of The Mean/The Middle in relationship to acquiring happiness and living a virtuous life. No more than 2 direct quotes are permitted, and they can be no longer than 2 lines each. This means that you must reflect on your thesis statement in relationship to the primary text. The analysis you present must also be logical in its presentation.

Once you turn in your paper, you cannot un-submit it. You will need to decide whether you agree or not with his theory. This means that your ideas contained within the body of your paper must be presented in a specific organized and structured format. Your paper must be the required length with the proper MLA one-inch margins.

How is it distinct from the other intellectual virtues?

Gabriel Richardson Lear presents a bold new approach to one of the enduring debates about Aristotle's Nicomachean Ethics: the controversy about whether it coherently argues that the best life for humans is one devoted to a single activity, namely philosophical contemplation.


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