Essay About Violence In Movies

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I believe the way Howard Hawks moves the camera, the pans over the domino effect of violence, the expressive close-ups all add to the overall effect of this film.The emergence of western films was a direct result for the desire to bring the understanding of man and his existence within society to the screen.Several cultural issues, as well as family issues, self morality, labor concerns, and foreign policy are clearly depicted in these films (VAC, pp176-191).This is a pattern for any film's alleged, "bad guy." It is the extreme which the "bad guy" uses this force that is the cause of so much public back-lash against filmmakers.This did not however deter them in achieving their visions.Throughout the film, scenes of violence sets the tone of the film.By doing so, the film associates itself with the genre of a "gangster and action" film.William Holden and Ernest Borgnine starred in this bloody western that literally left the dirt streets on the screen stained with blood.The grim standoffs in this film let way for a flood of directors to try their hand at creating the horrors of life.By giving these roles to the characters, it contributes to character development as well.However, there are parts of the film that do not represent this genre, for example, the love relationship between Wyatt Earp and other female to see in a black and white film, how it's sort of grainy and pure but realistic.


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