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Due to the similarities between the two crimes, both have been confused by the public.

Additionally, politicians have become part and parcel in the discussion of such activities as a result of the nature of the phenomenon (Immigration and Customs Enforcement, 2013).

The non-profit organization and government agencies have had the responsibility to deal with the victims of such actions.

Additionally, there is proper coordination between the ICE and partners at U. Customs and Border Protection for the purpose of ensuring hostile investigations and prosecution of the smuggling cases along the country borders.

Moreover, the ICE is targeting all the links that are associated with smuggling activities past the direct smugglers (ICE, 2014).

The investigative agencies in the Department of Homeland Security in the United States which are responsible for curbing human smuggling and human trafficking include the Customs Enforcement (ICE) and U. The ICE achieves this mission by using its experts and authorities, disrobing away profit incentives and assets, cooperating with foreign partners and the United States for the purpose of attacking worldwide network as well as working with global non-governmental organizations for the identification, rescuing and providing assistance to the smuggling victims.

The ICE agency has embarked on the determined strategy in fighting human smuggling and trafficking.The ICE has developed practical initiatives that aim at criticizing the infrastructure that provides support to the smuggling organizations and the assets acquired from the criminal activities.Such activities include snatching vehicles, goods, currency and armaments among others (ICE, 2014).Such activities include importing illegal aliens into the country and harboring unlawful aliens illegally in the country.Moreover, in some situations, smuggling may involve rape, murder or assault either sexually of physically (Department of State, 2006). The ICE cooperates within its law implementation partners in fighting the global infrastructure that is involved in human trafficking and smuggling (ICE, 2013).The investigative agencies within the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) approximated that 600000 to 800000 people are trafficked and smuggled annually across the international borders (Department of State, 2006).Additionally; the estimation shows that a significant number of people are trafficked and smuggled within the boundaries of their country.The ICE has many security duty victim’s or witness’s coordinators who cooperate with the NGOs for the purpose of providing victim services (Tripp & Mcmahon, 2016).Moreover, the short-term immigration relief is given to the certified trafficking victims in continued presence status form.For instance, the ICE is pursuing investigations which are intelligence-driven for the purpose of targeting large-scale human smuggling organizations irrespective of their location of operations (ICE, 2013).There is specifically located emphasis on the smuggling rings that helps in posing the risk of the national security, threaten lives and engage in violence, extortion, hostage-taking, and abuse.


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