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The elastic bands do present an issue, see, and most of us end up shoving unfolded linens into our closets… With a bit of math, we can determine that a brand-new deck will be effectively randomized after seven traditional (or “riffle") shuffles. Apple’s position is that the headphone jack is an old technology, and that its removal allows the company to produce better phones with more features.

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At the end of a war, the tribes' chiefs would literally bury a hatchet as a symbolic gesture of their new peace. First, let’s look at Merriam-Webster’s definition of the phrase: “To encompass an entire range of something. Contrary to popular belief, roly polies (also known as pill bugs, doodle bugs, potato bugs, and by their scientific order name, Armadillidiidae) aren’t insects or arachnids. Step One - Make your hand into a fist, wedging your thumb against your index finger or… We’re not here to talk about your Windsors, Half-Windsors, Prince Alberts, or Kelvins.

Ex: Her emotions ran the gamut from joy to despair.” To put… No, we’re here to show off some of the craziest necktie fastenings out there so you can really step up your tie game. You can eat most foods after their expiration date, but dozens of factors can affect food spoilage.

To really address this question in detail, however, we need to consider two factors that affect how we see color…

Much like the question of whether or not a hot dog is a sandwich (it isn’t, really), the answer here depends on how you define the terms.

To understand why, we need to understand how the two technologies work. Time and centuries’ worth of oral and written tradition tend to distort and reshape the facts to…

A magnetic strip holds information about the card and the cardholder’s account. Nothing is 100 percent guaranteed in astronomy, but scientists don’t expect the asteroid 9942-Apophis to come into contact with the Earth (or any other celestial bodies in our solar system, for that matter). “I went to school with someone who found out on the honeymoon [that] her new husband had been having a long-term affair,” wrote Phantom Tire Buyer. You might say the books you read when you were a child are some of your fondest memories growing up.

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