English Essay Short Stories

During the holidays, the daughter invaded her mother's kitchen.She read cooking books from cover to cover, choosing elaborate recipes of rich dishes for every single day of the week, and more elaborate recipes of richer dishes for Sundays and birthdays.

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The daughter did well at school, yet neither mother nor father praised her.

Nothing was dearer to the daughter by now that neither self-mortification nor distinction would bring love.

She cooked for the pleasure of watching others eat.

She made iced sorrel soup, sauce, game pate with Juniper berries and brandy; she deep-fried courgette flowers dipped into a light batter and poached nasturtium leaves stuffed with cheese and herbs in oily white wine; she pounded olives and anchovy fillets and tuna fish soaked in freshly squeezed lemon juice to make flecked with fresh coriander and also hot curries; she stewed squids, steamed mussels, and flamed grilled sea-bass over beds of dried fennel. Rubbish, I tell myself as I make my way down the hall way.

She grew up in the French-speaking part of Belgium and studied Germanic philology at the university of Lige where she took an MA in literary translation.

1n 1985 she won a scholarship to read Australian literature at La Trobe University.

She blamed her daughter's cooking for the extra kilos hugging her waist. The daughter stopped using salt in her cooking, but she kept cooking. (This poem was in the 2000-2001 syllabus - click here to read it) The essays, written a couple of years ago for the May/June session, have been copied word for word.

With the university year about to start, came new resolutions. A detailed discussion of the good and weak characteristics follows.

The day of her last exam, the daughter smashed the mirror in her room.

The mother disappeared from the daughter's sight, but her words and loathsome tone kept ringing.


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