English Essay How To Make Ice Cream

If you eliminate it, your sentence will still make sense and also sound much better.

4th sentence: CM #2: This is even further explanation, connection, or illumination.

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The ancient Greeks, Romans, and Jews were known to chill wines and juices.

Because we are all tired and no one needs to hear my ...

Read More about In My Opinion ", "link_status": 0, "title": "In My Opinion - Missing Tooth Grins", "locale": "en", "type": "richpindataview", "amp_url": "", "url": " "tracker": null, "apple_touch_icon_link": "https://i.pinimg.com/favicons/b7bd446ec493d269275ad3e867eb3c04b773fc7923756f18a10ce3e8.png? Interviewee 4: It's fresh and it's sweet, so I like it. Interviewee 6: I eat it, but I don't really like it. Beyond a week, the paper will not be graded or counted in any way.You should focus on one point of your thesis (remember? A good way to start is to use the phrase "this shows that." However, ONLY use this in your rough draft-- it is a "think starter", not a lovely phrase worth keeping in your final draft. Joe: Why do you think everyone loves ice cream so much? It's then cooled and stirred to create very smooth ice cream. Well, our milk we have a Guernsey milk which is a lovely rich creamy milk and we add cream to that and quite a lot of sugar so it gives us a nice body for a nice rich ice cream. And while I'm here waiting, I might as well help myself to another ice cream. Unlike my sister, I like raspberry flavour because of its freshness and bright colour. When I was a kid, I was loved eating Chocolate ice-cream but now, as I've grown older, I don't have too much liking for them. I love ice cream, my favourite flavour is definatley cocnut even thow I still enjoy eating all the other flavours. I love adding chocolate and various nuts on my ice cream. To me, the best flavours are yoghurt cherry & cookies. Best wishes, Joanna (Learn English Teens team) My sister is nuts about icecream but her favourite flavours are strawberry and lemon. I prefer a tub,, My country has a hot wether so, when I wanna celebrate in my class we buy an ice creams for all student in the class and we eat it in the breakfast!If you struggle with writing, make sure to give yourself enough time to contact me (or someone else who can help with writing).*ESSAY CORRECTIONS: Oftentimes, I tend to abbreviate as I grade papers.Hopefully, this guide will help you decipher my comments.


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