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Effective Business Writing-2
• The Purpose When you define the purpose of your communication, it will guide you in the direction to take, details of the path, and reference.

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What is it that you want to achieve from the communication?

It could be in asking for approval, proposing a matter, or informing, and much more.

Ask them if there any critical information that you have left out, in your communication.

Some restaurants and hotels, leave out information about their address, on their websites.• Thought Organization Business writing aims at motivating the reader to perform a particular action.

Exceptional writing skills are often cited as some of the most crucial skills necessary for success in today’s workplace.

From persuasive memos and sales documents to eloquent letters and executive summaries, the demand for well-written material has not slackened in the digital age.Collect your thoughts and consider what you want to say, to avoid repetition.• Be Direct The opening statements in business writing hold a lot of weight.You will come to realize that the structure and style of writing in school, is different from what is ideal in the business world.It also reflects its openness to development and way clients and partners, treat a business.Unless you are writing a technical document, avoid the use of jargon.It is much more different from academic writing since it is action-oriented and addresses a varied audience.How then do you ensure that your business communications don’t get lost in the crowd?With a clear sense of direction, you won’t waste the precious time of the intended audience.It will help you ensure that you write material that is worth, taking time to read.• Awareness of Audience Knowing your audience will help you make an impact on them.You have to pay attention to what and how you write.Understand the action that you want a reader to take, after reading through your material. Jot down the thoughts you have in mind, so you don’t forget them.


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