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Results from the use of a combined propensity score matching and logit model indicated that MOCs hold the key to combating human trafficking by fostering effective partnership across different sectors, if highest CSR priority is assigned to reducing incidents of human trafficking in the oil-producing communities.

Embracing the fight against human trafficking should form the foundation of General Memorandum of Understanding (GMo Us) practice, which in turn will provide the enabling environment for more widespread responsible business.

One of the most difficult problems to solve is selecting objectives to be used for management evaluation.

An objective function based on some or all of the components of yield, species, size desirability, and environmental quality is needed.

more Il Decimo Rapporto annuale di "Sos Impresa", pubblicato il 22 ottobre 2007 in occasione dell'assemblea nazionale dell'associazione antiracket dall'eloquente sottotitolo "le mani della criminalità sulle imprese", pone per l'ennesima volta l'accento su un'emergenza che pesa come un macigno sull'economia e sulle opportunità di sviluppo civile di interi settori della società italiana.

The most important work of Adam Smith, who is a very important scientist and accepted as the father of the economy, mentioned many countries and nations for different reasons in his book Wealth of Nations and mentioned many times about...

These “toxi-cities” challenge traditional conceptions of urbanization as spatially – but also temporally – bounded.

Increasingly, “creative” urban development involves the recollection and revalorization of toxic pasts.

The Nigerian government has demonstrated significant efforts to combating human trafficking in the country by creating the National Agency for the Prohibition of Trafficking in Persons (NAPTIP).

The incidents of human trafficking in the Nigeria’s oil-producing communities have remained among the highest in the country and higher than the national average.


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