E-Government Research Papers

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Using Web GIS and communication tools for public participation, both citizens and municipalities benefit from a E-Governance as an anti-corruption tool: Korean Casesfree download ABSTRACT Corruption is an impediment for development and good governance.

It is more than true especially in the least developed countries (LDC), and emerging and development economies (EDE).

We maintain that the City of Tampere website can be analysed as a comprehensive case of Service excellence in e-governance issues: An Indian case studyfree download ABSTRACT Service excellence has been a long held goal for the private sector and increasingly, in the government sector for many countries.

With the introduction of online services in recent years by governments around the world, the provision of excellence in e Outsourcing in e-governance: a multi criteria decision making approachfree download ABSTRACT E-governance is an IT enabled service offered by different government organizations for improving their service effectiveness.

Governments too are meeting the needs by making structural and procedural changes in various E-governance and international relations: A consideration of newly emerging capacities in a multi-level worldfree download ABSTRACT This article explores the contours of international relations in a more digital and interdependent era.

In a context driven less by hierarchical control and coercion and more by empowered networks and engagement, new systems of governance are forming or Preconditions of democratic e-governance: A critical approachfree download ABSTRACT The article lays a special emphasis upon institutionally organised citizen participation on the Internet and the role of information and knowledge in political action.

It is the movement of governments online to deliver their services and programs, to provide Comparing e-government vs.

e-governancefree download Differentiating the two Concepts e-Government and e-governance can be defined as two very distinct terms.

In fact both these terms are used synonymously although they are quite different and have differing Capacity-Building for e-Governance in Indiafree download India is a land of diversity.

This diversity spans across culture, tradition, language, geography and the economic condition of the people.


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