Draw An Essay Plan Related To The Elderly And Health

Draw An Essay Plan Related To The Elderly And Health-18
I want to remember my early Christmases with my father when I was younger and how he’d always force me to go hiking, and how I’d end up loving it.I want to remember how much my sister admired me when she was young, always sprinting outside when my car pulled up the driveway.

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These differences set us apart and make us unique and special.

We can learn so much from people who are different from us.

We attended the same school, and my fellow students often laughed at Rachel and made fun of my sister and the other children with special needs in Rachel’s learning disability class.

I tried my best to avoid Rachel at school, often wishing I just had a normal older sister. I no longer felt embarrassed by Rachel, but instead began to feel lucky to have such an incredible and unique sister.

Our society tends to frown upon those who are different and do not fit in.

Although not all people are as different from others as my sister, it is important to realize that everyone is different in their own ways and that this is a good thing!

But as I sit here I remember that my life is not just my to-do list and everything on it, it is every moment in between.

I want to remember autumn at home growing up, when my dad would light the fireplace and my brother would lay with my dogs on the dog bed.

I am guilty of it, I must admit, telling my sister I’d play the board game with her later just because I wanted to nap.

The thing is though, you won’t remember that nap 10 years from now, or that test or maybe even that day, but you might just remember that joke with your sister, that shooting star, or that long hike.


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