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Although religion can be used as a means of rallying the troops, there is nothing peculiar about religion in this respect.

Hitler was raised a Christian, for example, but he chose to invoke race rather than religion as a way of stirring up hostility at home and launching foreign invasions. Criminals don't care about the people they hurt but care what others think of them. All Ph D's come follow me to understanding that surpasses knowledge.(refered to as "the foolish things to confound the wise" WE CAN STOP THE VIOLENCE is that there is a difference between religion (man-made) and christianity...... The Bible is filled with war, violence, etc., etc.......isn't advocating any of that horror.....simply reporting it....

Perhaps the most striking aspect of the David and Goliath story is that the authors saw no contradiction between approving David’s conduct and disapproving of murder.

This apparent contradiction is resolved by assuming that members of in-groups are treated much better than members of out-groups.

Such distinctions are ethically problematic but they are perfectly understandable in a world of continual tribal conflicts where each group is in danger of being destroyed by opponents.

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So the Bible opposes killing members of the in-group but is in favor of unrestrained aggression in warfare, and celebrates the bloodthirsty victories of various Israeli kings over tribal enemies.

At this point he might have disarmed his opponent and claimed victory.

Instead, he opted to hack off Goliath’s head with his own sword. To begin with, the commandment “thou shalt not kill” clearly does not apply to military opponents.

One thinks of the Islamic Ottoman empire expanding over north Africa or the European empires conquering territory all over the globe.

Typically, any pacifism was directed to co-religionists.


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