Do The Right Thing Essay 2011

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The high angle shots from her view give Da Mayor and others on the street a Briefly the two are in the same eye-level shot showing the viewer that Mother Sister and Da Mayor are very much the same.

This also gives her character a much more tangible, mortal quality.

They are also shown this way after Da Mayor risks his life to save a boy from being hit by a car while playing in the street, but it is not so much because the two are equals as it that the God-like Mother Sister is coming down from her high perch to grace Da Mayor with her sacred opinion that he has done a good thing.

A good example of Lee using high and low angel shots to exemplify conflict is in the two encounters between Sal and Radio Raheem.

") and as the web of interactions makes it harder for any one person to stand up and take responsibility, the happy theory begins to fall apart.

Do The Right Thing Essay 2011

After all, if the long-term effects of a decision today can't possibly have any impact on the profit of this project (which will end in six weeks), then it's difficult to argue that maximizing profit and doing the right thing are aligned.

The camera jumps back and forth between low angle close up shots of Raheem to the reverse high angle close ups of Sal as the two yell at each other.

This confrontation ends with Radio Raheem finally turning off the music and peace is restored.

The local store gets very little long-term profit for its good behavior if it goes out of business before the long-term arrives.

It comes down to this: Ethics, as in, doing the right thing for the community even though it might not benefit you or your company financially.


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