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It was necessary to pursue Robert further as he did not want to implement the court’s decision.

Anita and Farook had a 10-year relationship before they married.

They were married for 8 years but sadly fell out of love.

Julia’s case included all her reasons for wanting to live in Sweden, her proposals for how the children and Eric would see each other and the children’s education.

Fortunately, at the final hearing, Julia and Eric were able to have a sensible dialogue through their lawyers.

In the meantime, they wanted to divide the matrimonial assets between them.

Anita and Farook reached an agreement as to how the assets should be divided whereupon an agreement was drafted, approved and signed by both.Anita and Farook wanted matters to be dealt with amicably; they wanted a divorce which did not apportion blame to either of them.They agreed to wait for 2 years in order to petition for divorce on the basis of their separation.Robert’s behaviour was becoming increasingly aggressive and threatening towards Amanda and he was secretive about finances.Amanda eventually had to leave their home because of his aggression.Amanda had been married for over 20 years to her husband Robert.They had both worked hard, built a successful business together and owned several properties in the UK and overseas.She now has financial independence, her own home and a good life.Mark and Priya separated after being married for a number of years and there were no dependent children.Two years later Anita and Farook divorced and obtained a Court Order setting out their financial arrangements which followed the terms of their Separation Agreement. She intended a short visit, but given the problems between her and Eric she decided to stay longer.Eric applied for the children’s return under the 1980 Hague Convention and the Swedish Court ordered them to return.


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