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This dissertation attempts to take the concept of creative listening to task as a development method to assist Second Language Learners in developing creative listening and linguistic communication skills.

Second Language Learners are a language minority in such English speaking countries as the United States and the United Kingdom.

Retrieved from https://studentshare.org/education/1402199-develop-creative-listening-skills-through (Develop Creative Listening and Linguistic Communication Skills of the Dissertation) Develop Creative Listening and Linguistic Communication Skills of the Dissertation.

https://studentshare.org/education/1402199-develop-creative-listening-skills-through...final goals of the second language teaching.

A program patterned along multi-intelligence activities can be devised to respond to the need to develop creative listening and linguistic communication skills.

Creative Listening Skills To focus on the listening act itself, it is necessary to remove the misconception that hearing and listening are the same.Developing listening for meaning is therefore a must.Developing listening to create constructive ideas and action, such as behavioral change, can therefore be very beneficial to society, inclusive of social relationships (“Develop Creative Listening and Linguistic Communication Skills of the Dissertation”, n.d.) Develop Creative Listening and Linguistic Communication Skills of the Dissertation.At times, we may have heard someone complaining, “I hear you, please don’t shout at me.” This is to recognize the physiological process that occurs when sound is received by man’s hearing apparatus.People may hear, however, but they may not be listening in the sense of recognizing the meaning of those sounds, such as the internal anger or anguish expressed by the speaker.Listening skills help a person to understand things properly and making sound judgments based on that.Maintaining eye contact with the orator, Focusing on the content, not delivery, Avoiding emotional involvement, Avoiding distractions, Treating listening as a challenging mental task, Staying active by asking mental questions, etc are some of the main listening skills.Part II Personal reflection It is very important for every teacher to develop the most appropriate teaching strategies in accordance with individualistic peculiarities of young learners.In the elementary school children are willing to play more than to learn and this is my main......, people have strived hard to beat all odds and perform feats previously considered impossible by their peers (Zaraysky 2009, 32).A more appropriate cover term is thus World Englishes, which highlights the diversity and world-wide distribution of these varieties" (Hoffmann and Siebers (2009). Mufwene refers to the notion of ecology, which is the concept......’ and ‘Social Interaction’ are two profound approaches, which help a learner to learn the best of a language.Errors are the indicators of progress and if dealt positively can lead a child towards language perfection.


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