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Pro Quest is not responsible for the content, format or impact on the supplemental file(s) on our some cases, the file type may be unknown or may be a file. Copyright of the original materials contained in the supplemental file is retained by the author and your access to the supplemental files is subject to the Pro Quest Terms and Conditions of is there that the measures against money laundering were first introduced..

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Moreover; prosecutorial agencies attempt to fit digital currency exchangers under the regulations pertinent to money service businesses (MSB) (Mandjee, 2015; Sonderegger, 2015).

This project provided an analysis of scholarly material, government publications, case law, and current trade information to examine a solution to the problem of money laundering through digital currency. legislation specific to digital currency, which addresses money laundering and terrorist finance risks.

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Bitcoins were conceptualized in 2008, which revolutionized the digital transfers of value within payment systems (Nakamoto, 2008).california state university, long beach, proquest dissertations publishingpublication date: 2005money laundering has been a plague in many nations around the of the grounds that would make the requested state unable to provide confiscation assistance, although it is not explicitly provided in either the vienna or the money laundering conventions, is where doing so would engage the requested state in a violation of the legality principle.the laundering offence may be successfully used against the perpetrator of the predicate crime in case where evidence against him on the predicate crime may not be sufficient.the criminals have already used underground banking business for laundering.The supplemental file or files you are about to download were provided to Pro Quest by the author as part of a dissertation or thesis.The supplemental files are provided "AS IS" without warranty.the legislation spells out criminal activities which serve as predicate crimes for the purpose of the laundering offence.concluding remarks this chapter has examined the laundering offence in the uk and the us in comparison with a view to making it capable of being used as an effective weapon against crime.The advent of digital currencies revealed problems concerning anonymity embedded in bitcoins, consequently raising money laundering concerns.Regulators and law enforcement agencies struggle with addressing the money laundering issues inherent with bitcoin and digital currencies (Ajello, 2025).


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