Descriptive Essay Volleyball

The moment when I really knew that I loved volleyball was on the high school team. It was called the “freshman” team but there were a few sophomores on it.

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We would pass the ball back and forth during the summer and a couple weeks before school started in seventh grade she asked me if I was going to tryout. I didn’t know if I was ready and I didn’t want to embarrass myself again.

I didn’t end up trying out, deciding that I was going to train for another year to hopefully get so much better that I would only have a few, minor, mistakes.

Trying not to slam your knees to hard into the ground you fall and lift one arm.

You then get the ball just before it hits the ground.

Now you finally hit the floor and slam your side into the ground, your jersey is the only thing to protect your side from the pain that you know is coming.

But you ignore it and trot back to your spot on the court and wait for the ball to come back over the net to most likely do it again. It is my way to calm down after a hard day at school. Mine, to escape, the stress of life, the stress of school, the stress of family, just to escape.It’s mine, to take out my aggression on the world, to be loud and aggressive. The kind of stress that pushes me to work harder in order to get good at what I love.When I play volleyball I totally forget all my problems and focus on nothing but volleyball and the intensity of the game. When they listen to it they forget all the problems of the world. As tournaments and games approach we work to get all the practice in that we can. It pushes me to keep on trying so that I can get everything right.Only on my club teams have we all been friends when playing. You need to call the ball or else you’re on top of someone trying to get the ball or no one gets it because both people thought the other was going to get it.When we all get along it makes the game so much easier. I never realized how much volleyball actually meant to me before freshman year. Just the thought gives me bad memories already, and I am only halfway through.It’s all about will power and the absolute want to get better.I have learned that you can’t get better overnight; that you need to try to get better and love the sport. The first year that I tried out for the school team, I thought that volleyball was just a little gym game we played in elementary and middle school with the colorful beach balls and the tiny, worn out, badminton nets. I tried using these “skills” I acquired from gym to do well in tryouts.Over the past 20 years, Volleyball has evolved from a simple, fun and recreational sport to a more appealing, more sexualized version, beach volleyball.As a result of this evolution, beach volleyball has received a vast improvement in popularity, especially amongst a male audience.I did not understand that you need to be loud and aggressive.I was a quiet little sixth grader with few friends and not very sporty. Because I didn’t understand what was needed to play, I did not do as well as I could have. It’s a sport that has its own level of difficulty like baseball or basketball.


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