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I leave EVERY lecture awe-inspired by his well-articulated words of wisdom. The exams were all essays, and he gave us no indication to what the questions would be. He doesn't really put an emphasis on grades, but helps you to enhance your critical thinking and ethical approach. Professor Harmatz focuses on discussion in class, and writing for graded material.

P1 P2 SC1 This inference is deductively invalid because the evidence does not render the conclusion more probable.

This is invalid because elementary school teachers and university professors have different PHIL 1290 ASSIGNMENT 4 Monday, October 26, 2015 INSTRUCTIONS Answer the questions below.

Your completed Assignment 4 must be typed and submitted (hard copy) at the start of class on Friday November 6th.

For the purpose of this assignment the conditions of Sarina Sharma PHIL 1290 Assignment 1 - Answers 1. Argument As it contains: - A conclusion (main point: silencing free expression is wrong). Explanation As it contains: - Explanandum (main point) PHIL 1290 ASSIGNMENT 2 INSTRUCTIONS Answer all 5 questions.

Section 2: Backgro PHIL 1290 ASSIGNMENT 1 Monday, September 14, 2015 INSTRUCTIONS This assignment consists of six questions that follow an excerpt from Chapter 2 of Mills On Liberty.

The first four (of six) questions concern the Mill excerpt; these four questions are short PHIL 1290 Critical Thinking Assignment 7 1.Your completed Assignment 3 must be typed and submitted (hard copy) at the start of class on Wednesday March 22nd.This assignment is worth 20% of your final course grade.Essays are alright, require some work and make sure to follow instructions.Harmatz is an absolutely brilliant professor and is one of the beams of light in academia. Leave your ego at the door; he will rip any argument you present to shreds--not out of malice, but because he's trying to help you think a bit more critically.This course is intellectually rigorous and uncomfortable to make you justify your existence(especially your place in university) like no other. We didn't use the textbook ever, but the final exam did include some material from it.If you take the discussions seriously, you will be able to THINK, WRITE, and SPEAK much more articulately This professor is one of the handful of instructors that legitimately care for your education. Attend lectures with an open mind and you could learn some real-life applicable skills. If easily offended, do not take a class with Harmatz. Buy the textbook if you want to pass a course with him. or (preferably) consultation by email to [email protected] PHIL 1290 Critical Thinking Assignment 5 Essay Outline Section 1: All men are Equal Includes: Paragraphs 1 and 2 The function of this section is to present the argument that all men are equal in both mind and physicality.Some evolu=onists are not people who believe in the Bible, for no crea=onists are evolu=onists, and some people who believe in the Bible are not crea=on PHIL 1290 ASSIGNMENT 3 Friday, March 3, 2017 INSTRUCTIONS Answer all 5 questions.You write 4 papers and make a short video, no final.You get out what you put in, I recommend this class. Be ready to think critically, but don't take it personally if he picks apart your argument. But all in all, he's actually quite inspiring, as his class is focused heavily on making individuals and society better, inside of information comprehension. Many find Harmatz to be intimidating because of the way that he calls out people to answer questions that rarely seem to have a correct answer, but if you sit in the front row, though you are guaranteed to get wrecked, he will teach you how to think critically which is an invaluable skill that is difficult to learn.


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