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By rigorously developing voices of every type and talent and by removing barriers to entry, Grub Street fosters the creation of meaningful stories and ensures that excellent writing remains vital and relevant.

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For example, having a personal diary or journal, and in it writing about life, what interests them, or for imagining, storytelling and wondering.Writing is more than work for achieving an outcome. In the enjoyment of writing, student writers can find themselves and discover the power of language.Powerful literacy skills can be gained in this discovery, with lifelong an art form that requires virtually no materials other than time and imagination.To encourage yourself or your child to explore ideas in fiction, I can offer writing instruction through fun exercises to overcome blocks, or provide feedback on characters, plot, and style.That’s what Grub Street provides, in a supportive and thriving community.We offer over six hundred classes and events a year for writers of all genres and ambitions—from first-time poets or fledgling memoirists to MFA graduates and published novelists.The key to promoting the effective writing skills needed by students is to be found in making writing engaging, meaningful and pleasurable.Every opportunity should be taken to open up the possibilities of writing for students so they want to do it and see its relevance to their lives.Teachers can also write alongside students to model good writing behaviours.Schools can promote writing clubs where students can write together, share their writing and even self-publish it in online forums and blogs.


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