Craigie Frederic Dissertation

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An appraisal of the right of return and compensation of Jordanian nationals of Palestinian refugee origin and Jordan's right, under international law, to bring claims relating thereto, on their behalf to and against Israel and to seek compensation as a host state in light of the conclusion of the Jordan-Israel peace treaty of 1994.

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All Schools of the University operate doctoral programs.

The directions of the programs are closely linked with the Master-level graduate programs that each particular School is operating and any student registered for a Ph D must maintain a field of specialization within the domain of interest of these programs.

It includes titles of dissertations granted in calendar year 1978 as well, but does not include classroom materials, committee or departmental reports, or materials whose distribution is restricted or limited.

Accountancy, 1 Advertising, 3 Aeronautical and Astronautical Engineering, 3 African Studies Program, 5 Agricultural Administration, 5 Agricultural Economics, 6 Agricultural Engineering, 10 Agricultural Entomology, 12 Agronomy, 14 Animal Science, 20 Anthropology, 25 Architecture, 27 Art and Design, 28 Art Education, 29 Art History, 29 Asian Studies, Center for, 29 Astronomy, 29 Atmospheric Research, Laboratory for, 32 Aviation, Institute of, 33 Basic Medical Sciences, School of, 33 Biochemistry, 34 Biology, 37 Biophysics, 37 Botany, 38 Business Administration, 40 Career Development and Placement, 43 Ceramic Engineering, 43 Chemical Engineering, 44 Chemical Physics, 46 Chemistry, 46 Child Behavior and Development, Institute for, 57 Civil Engineering, 59 Classical Philology, 63 Classics, 63 Communications Research, Institute of, 65 Comparative Literature, 66 Computer Science, 56 Computer-Based Education Research Laboratory, 68 Coordinated Science Laboratory, 73 Dairy Science, 78 Ecology, Ethology and Evolution, 80 Economic and Business Research, Bureau of, 80 Economics, 82 Education, 84 Electrical Engineering, 95 Engineering Administration, 108 English, 104 English as a Second Language, 108 Entranology, 109 Environmental Studies, Institute for, 111 Environmental Engineering in Civil Engineering, 112 Finance, 112 Food Science, 113 Forestry, 116 French, 118 General Engineering, 120 Genetics and Development, 120 Geography, 122 Geology, 123 Germanic Languages and Literatures, 125 Government and Public Affairs, Institute of, 127 Health and Safety Education, 127 History, 128 Horticulture, 131 Housing Research and Development, 135 Human Resources and Family Studies, 136 Instructional Resources, Office of, 138 Journalism, 139 Krannert Art Museum, 139 Labor and Industrial Relations, 140 Landscape Architecture, 140 Latin American and Caribbean Studies, Center for, 141 Law, 141 Leisure Studies, 143 Library, 145 Library Science, Graduate School of, 150 Linguistics, 152 Mathematics, 154 Mechanical and Industrial Engineering, 160 Metallurgy and Mining Engineering, 163 Microbiology, 165 Music, 167 Natural History, Musexmi of, 169 Nuclear Engineering, 169 Nutritional Sciences, 173 Philosophy, 174 Physical Education, 174 Physics, 175 Physiology and Biophysics, 184 Plant Pathology, 188 Political Science, 191 Psychological and Counseling Center, 194 Psychology, 194 Religious Studies, 199 School and College Relations, Office of, 199 Slavic Languages and Literatures, 199 Social Work, 199 Sociology, 201 Spanish, 202 Speech and Hearing Science, 202 Speech Communication, 203 Survey Research Laboratory, 204 Theatre, 204 Theoretical and Applied Mechanics, 204 Urban and Regional Planning, 208 Veterinary Biosciences, 209 Veterinary Clinical Medicine, 211 Veterinary Medicine Administration, 213 Veterinary Pathology and Hygiene, 214 Vice President for Public Service, Office of, 221 Zoology, 221 INDEX TO FACULTY AUTHORS, 223 ACCOUNTANCY ACCOUNTANCY BEDFORD, NORTON M., Professor Books Revised With K.

Proceed- ings of American Statistical Association Annual Meeting, 1978, pp. NEUMANN, FREDERICK L., Professor Narrowing the breach.

Montanelli SMITH, CHARLES H., Professor A new test for 2x2 contingency tables.

International co-operation in the use of elite military forces to counter terrorism: The British and American experience, with special reference to their respective experiences in the evolution of low-intensity operations.

The relations between the productions of broadcasting organisations, the social experiences of audiences and the meaning attached to programmes, with particular reference to recent institutional and technical changes in mass communications.

Shlosberg Computerized testing in the beginning accounting course, The Accounting Review , January, 1978, pp.

Lorek Effects of reduction in number of observations on time series analysis of quarterly earnings data, Journal of Accounting Research , Spring, 1978, pp.


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