Cover Letter For Microbiologist Position

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You start to differentiate yourself, to focus on what you can do for them, and to sell that to the company.

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My Job responsibilities have included (list your key job responsibilities) but I feel that I am capable of so much more and have actively been searching for some time now for new opportunities and challenges that will allow me to grow within my field.

My strengths include my excellent, natural instincts as a planner and coordinator, ensuring deadlines can be met and quality effectively controlled in a timely manner without losing sight of the brand's image to be strictly maintained.

(Y), I recently came across your company advertisement in the (XYZ Newspaper/Online site etc.) concerning the available position of Assistant Quality Control Adviser with (name of the company).

I have been employed as a (your current job position) at (name of your current company) for (X years/months).

Another reason why a cover letter is good is that it allows you to present your strengths and accomplishments in bite-sized nuggets.

That's both good practice and an effective job-search strategy.

I just filled out six online applications and not one company required it." If you're applying online, a cover letter may not be necessary, but it's still a good idea. If you are applying via a Web site, you probably won't know who to write to; you'll be stuck writing a "To Whom it May Concern" letter if you get to include one at all.

It's an opportunity to personalize your application. But, when working your network, as we advise so often at Careers, you'll be able to e-mail people directly and include a nicely formatted Microsoft Word or PDF document addressed to them personally. Writing a letter also forces you to consider the uniqueness of the opportunity in front of you.

No one opens a physical envelope anymore, and even the fax has mostly vanished.

Your choice, then, is whether to work up a nicely formatted Microsoft Word or PDF version and incorporate it as page one of the CV—or, as most people do, separate them into two separate documents.


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