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Usually the last sentence in the introduction is the thesis of the essay.It is precisely the thesis that you have to support through the whole essay.

College essay writing is without doubt one of the most difficult tasks students have to handle.

it is thus important to understand the basics of academic writing including the styles.

Somewhere in the menu (normally under SPECIAL), find the term HANGING and select it. To insert page numbers, place your cursor on the first page of your text, or the page where you want your page numbers to begin. A box will appear at the top and the bottom of your page.

Type your last name in the top header box before the page numbers and right justify.

This measurement is pretty standard for a word processor, so you shouldn't have to make any page set-up adjustments. If there is no author or editor mentioned, use the title for first words and alphabetizing. Once you have a complete list, you will format so that you have hanging indents.

To do this: highlight the entries, then go to FORMAT and PARAGRAPH.

MLA is a type of research essay that is usually written in colleges.

MLA stands for Modern Language Association and has strict rules not only for the context, but also for the technical organization of the essay.

You should explain to the audience why you are going to write on that specific thesis, what makes it interesting for you and what is your overall opinion and attitude on it.

The length of the introductory paragraph will depend on your instructor’s notes.


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