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Do they hand in assignments on time, and is their written work thoughtful and insightful?

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As with other college courses, the students were given reading assignments, and much of the class revolved around discussing these readings.

Like with my other classes, I found it challenging to formulate my thoughts and express my ideas, but Professor Simon recognized the difficulty I was having and developed a solution.

Yes, introverts can be those things, too, just like extroverts can be as well. It’s easy to overlook quiet students or assume that they’re bored or have nothing to say.

But there are other signs of engagement that go beyond class participation. Do they look like they are thinking hard and have something to say?

Suddenly, I found myself in a competitive environment, where the other students were much more outspoken and aggressive than me.

Unlike me, they seemed determined at all costs to drown each other out and make their voices heard.

I was fortunate to have a teacher who offered an alternative, and I strongly encourage other teachers to do the same.

Here’s what I propose, based on my experiences: Being an introvert means having a preference for minimally stimulating environments, and getting worn out fast by too much stimulation — including social stimulation. It doesn’t mean being shy, anxious, or lacking in confidence. Understanding this goes a long way toward not viewing introverted students as “bad” or in need of fixing.

The exchange of ideas and dialogue was rewarding, and it made me realize that I had a lot to contribute, even if I wasn’t the biggest talker or the fastest debater.

Professor Simon was unique among my professors, because she was the only one who didn’t regard my lack of participation as a flaw or a sign that I was uninterested or had nothing to say.


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