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As competition for top-tier colleges continues to rise, so does the pressure to craft essays that stand out.We understand the stress associated with writing a college application essay, and as counselors, it is a privilege to guide students through the process.

This just means the one you are going to explore first.

Remember, while you want your essay to make an impact, your topic does not need to be earth shattering or include the biggest hardship.

Unfortunately, students (typically the best of you) often get paralyzed because they want to have the perfect topic nailed down before beginning to write.

Here’s what you should do: This process takes time, and the earlier you start, the better off you will be.

If you need an example of breaking down a supplemental essay prompt, we have developed several including these for Considering which prompt aligns best with your overall story, brainstorm by asking yourself what are the strengths, personal qualities or values you want to highlight in the essay.

The goal is for your essay to illustrate the development of them by showing you both in action and in reflection.Having a strong outline ensures a writer creates a central narrative that acts as a beacon to follow throughout the drafting and editing process. This can be a scene at the beginning of your story or you can jump right to a crucial point in the middle.There is not necessarily a correct structure, but there are techniques that promote consistency and cohesiveness. Once you lay out the challenge you faced and built suspense, you can flashback to provide the necessary background and context.Don’t let the prompts constrict your thinking on what is appropriate for a college essay, however.One brainstorming technique is to identify several tangible objects that have special significance for you.” If yes, leave any fear of making a mistake behind and move on to the outlining step.Outlining your story is often helpful to writing a successful essay.Don’t forget you may have dozens of school-specific supplemental essays to complete.While it can be compressed, you should be thinking of writing college admission essays as a 9-10 month process.In fact, helping students discover and tell their best stories is our passion!To help you begin essays, we have developed this guide specifically for writing a compelling Personal Statement.


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