College Application Essay Depression

This is true not only for mental health and disabilities but also for academics, extracurriculars, and other experiences.

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If you choose to do so, focus extensively on your recovery or management of these issues, and stress your ability to overcome the challenges you have faced.

Never leave an admissions committee to wonder if you will be a liability in their community.

Everything on a college application should contribute to an overall positive image of who you are as a student and as a member of a greater community.

While you don’t need to hide integral parts of who you are, you also don’t want to share challenges that will not in any way support your application positively.

Based on this reason alone, you are never required to disclose mental or physical health concerns on your application.

Doing so is strictly a matter of personal choice and you should not feel that you are lying by omission if you choose to leave this information out.

If you are sharing information about your mental health or disability in this section, you should do so only in a factual manner.

You should not offer overly detailed or emotional descriptions, but instead keep it short and to the point.

If, after some introspection, you do find that these issues are ones that need to be addressed on your application, there are several places to do so.

The specifics about why you choose to include these details in the first place will often dictate where the most appropriate place to discuss these issues is.


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