Cinderella Man Essay

During the Great Depression, life for many Americans was difficult.Everyday families faced hardships and new challenges.

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Working with an injured hand almost made Jim lose the day job he was working in.

Jim's manager gets him a fight even though his license is resigned.

Braddock’s character traits shown in the movie are all important and appropriate due to the harshness of those times.

The economical and societal conditions and their changes during the film had a dramatic affect on the story....

James Braddock's story shows a similar journey to Cinderella's story, evidently creating a movie of his life called, "Cinderella Man....

James Braddock's story is an incredible journey that gave hope to many during the trying time of the Great Depression. James Braddock, the man who used to have it all, was in the same boat as the others facing the struggles during the Great Depression, making him more relatable. James Braddock experienced a true Cinderella Story.

There are many significant events that happen in Jim Braddock's life.

When Jim's boxing license was resigned, that led him to seek out work with an injured hand.

"The scene is memory," indicate the stage directions, and, as such, the interior is "rather dim and poetic." There is a screen-like surface on ...

- The Great Depression of the 1930’s caused widespread poverty, but the popular culture of the time did not reflect this.


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