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Title Page At the center of the first page, place the title of your essay.Like the title of a book or article, it should indicate the topic or even the main point of your essay.Parts of the Argument Sometimes a well-developed thesis will make clear the parts of the argument found in the essay.

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Start numbering your essay after the title page, in the top, right corner.

Introduction The first paragraph introduces the topic of your essay, states your thesis, and indicates the parts of the argument that supports the thesis. As you write your essay, start with a provisional draft introduction, but expect to develop and change it as you refine the argument of your essay. ." Thesis A proper essay has a main point which answers the research question it raises: this is the thesis and it is clearly and briefly articulated in the introduction.

Purpose of Essay Assignments There are two major purposes for essay assignments.

First, the process of researching, planning, and writing an essay is an excellent way to learn the material and develop skills in critical thinking and clear communication.

The final draft of your introduction will likely be written after you have completed your essay. After you establish a topic, think and research, and as you read about it, develop a provisional thesis statement. As you think, read, and write more on the topic your thesis should gradually become more refined.

Introduce the Topic Pay attention to how scholars introduce their essays or book chapters. A common mistake among inexperienced essay writers is to introduce too broad a topic. This is why it takes time and thought to produce a good essay.

If you find that your thesis statement is too descriptive, try adding a "because" clause—then make sure that the rest of your essay supports this new explanation.

As you plan and refine your thesis, consult with your tutor.

Some writers announce the topic briefly but directly. For example, begin your essay with hackneyed phrase such as, "Since the beginning of time . You may notice that some articles (especially by British writers) do not appear to have a clear thesis statement—instead, the statement appears in the conclusion as an answer to a clear question asked in the introduction.

Nevertheless, the whole article argues for the concluding thesis.


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